This Ex-Government Nuclear Bunker is set 125ft deep underground and has nearly 10ft thick solid concrete walls. Built to house over 600 people, and set over 3 floors it features offices, generator rooms, a radio station and an infirmary, all of which are still functioning.

Unethical experimentation has been happening at the base and as part of a special military unit you are going to be sent in to find out exactly what is happening.

Rendezvous with an Elite Covert Military unit, and Gear Up for the Take Down.

Fast paced combat with the infected lies around every corner and you will need to work as a team whilst you run, shoot and fight your way through the bunker.

Gain access to the the huge underground facility, set over 3 floors you will need to retrieve data on the deadly experimental virus while you fight your way through the bunker. The Facility will stop at nothing to protect their deadly creation, we must bring them down once and for all.


Cast, Crew and Staff

We are constantly monitoring the health of our entire staff. Anyone reporting COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted to attend the location or work and will be asked to quarantine for 14 days.


All of our equipment, props and gear will be cleaned thoroughly and regularly, with hand sanitiser available throughout the experience.

Social Measures

Our event has been modified to allow for social distancing, with all guests and cast required to wear masks during the experience. (masks provided if needed).

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Event Tickets

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The Bunker: Friday 25/02/22 - 6.30pmThe Bunker: Friday 25/02/22 - 6.30pm£90.00
In stock1125/02/2022
The Bunker: Friday 25/02/22 - 9.00pmThe Bunker: Friday 25/02/22 - 9.00pm£90.00
In stock1225/02/2022
The Bunker: Sunday 13/03/22 - 6.00pmThe Bunker: Sunday 13/03/22 - 6.00pm£90.00
In stock1813/03/2022
The Bunker: Sunday 13/03/22 - 8.30pmThe Bunker: Sunday 13/03/22 - 8.30pm£90.00
In stock1013/03/2022
The Bunker: Saturday 19/03/22 - 4.30pmThe Bunker: Saturday 19/03/22 - 4.30pm£90.00Out of stockOut of stock019/03/2022
The Bunker: Saturday 09/04/22 - 4.30pmThe Bunker: Saturday 09/04/22 - 4.30pm£90.00
In stock1209/04/2022
The Bunker: Friday 15/04/22 - 6.30pmThe Bunker: Friday 15/04/22 - 6.30pm£90.00
In stock1615/04/2022
The Bunker: Friday 15/04/22 - 9.00pmThe Bunker: Friday 15/04/22 - 9.00pm£90.00
In stock1115/04/2022
The Bunker: Friday 10/06/22 - 6.30pmThe Bunker: Friday 10/06/22 - 6.30pm£90.00
In stock1510/06/2022
The Bunker: Friday 10/06/22 - 9.00pmThe Bunker: Friday 10/06/22 - 9.00pm£90.00
In stock1810/06/2022
The Bunker: Saturday 06/08/22 - 6.30pmThe Bunker: Saturday 06/08/22 - 6.30pm£90.00
In stock1806/08/2022
The Bunker: Saturday 06/08/22 - 9.00pmThe Bunker: Saturday 06/08/22 - 9.00pm£90.00
In stock1806/08/2022
The Bunker: Saturday 03/09/22 - 6.30pmThe Bunker: Saturday 03/09/22 - 6.30pm£90.00
In stock1803/09/2022
The Bunker: Saturday 03/09/22 - 9.00pmThe Bunker: Saturday 03/09/22 - 9.00pm£90.00
In stock1803/09/2022
The Bunker: Saturday 10/09/22 - 6.30pmThe Bunker: Saturday 10/09/22 - 6.30pm£90.00
In stock1810/09/2022
The Bunker: Saturday 10/09/22 - 9.00pmThe Bunker: Saturday 10/09/22 - 9.00pm£90.00
In stock1810/09/2022
1 Item | £90.00


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