Covid-19 Information

As an events company we have 10+ years of experience running safe events. Using a variety of locations and catering from as little as 2 people up to 1800+ people we have a extensive knowledge of safety.

Safety of our guests and crew has always been paramount. We are also concerned with our impact on the pandemic as a whole and our duty to stop the spread of Covid-19.

We have an entire new procedure in place in addition to our current strict safety procedures, notable changes are detailed below. If you would like any further information or clarification please get in contact with us.

Our full terms and conditions have been updated relating to booking and any Covid-19 related terms are now included.

  • Venues

We have a Covid-19 specific risk assessment that in place along with our updated insurance policy. This has been supplied and runs in tandem with our venues risk assessment policy.

Toilets will unfortunately be unavailable for public use. Staff toilets are cleaned regularly

  • Cast, Crew and Staff

Staff reporting any COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted to attend the location or work if and will be asked to quarantine for 14 days.

​Staff with be given a designated area behind the scenes, they will bring their own food and drink, and will all be applying makeup designated to that individual.

​All cast and crew will be wearing masks for indoor sections of the experience. Masks may be worn outside where we feel appropriate. These masks will integrated as be part of costumes and may not be obvious

  • Public / Event Attendees

On arrival you will be given a disposable mask (or you can bring your own) which you must wear for the indoor sections of the experience.

Toilets will unfortunately be unavailable for public use.

All props and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in between events.

​Attending numbers have been reduced and groups will be spread throughout the experience.

The event has been modified to allow for groups to have different objectives and to maintain social distancing.

There may be sections of the experience where to will come across other groups, actors and crew, we advise that you allow space and you are comfortable meeting people outside your own household.

  • Amendments to Terms and Conditions

If an event is cancelled due to a Government Lockdown or Government mandated closure we will endeavour to move your booking to a later date. If no dates are available we can refund your ticket.

Any bookings made with a Gift Pack can ONLY be moved to another date or added back into the system to be redeemed at a later date. No refunds will be entered into.
We request that you do not attend the event if you are showing any symptoms. If you are unable to addend due to Covid-19 symptoms, your ticket will be converted into a Gift Pack / Credit which will be redeemable against a later date. We are unable to provide refunds.

If you do attend and a member of our crew has any reason to believe that you may be showing symptoms you will be referred to management and asked to leave without a refund.
Details of attendees will be held for track and trace purposes. These will be discarded after 28 days, unless you have joined our mailing list, or you are the individual that made the booking online. This is all covred under our GDPR and Private Policy.

Masks are to be worn at all times, these are provided or you may bring your own. If you are medically exempt from wearing a mask please make this known when booking and again when attending, we may ask for documented medical proof to back this up.
Hand sanitiser will be available and will need to be used in certain sections of the experience, if you have any allergies to specific types please bring your own sanitiser that you are comfortable using.

No staff, cast or crew will touch you during the experience. We request that you do not touch any member of our staff or crew, including actors. Any props or items you are given must only be handled by yourself.

We will not tolerate any abusive or non compliant behaviour. These policies have been put in place for the safety and protection of everyone involved with the event including their families and extended social groups.

If you do not receive any emails or the email is corrupt in anyway (blank or otherwise), please contact and we will help you in any way we can.