So you think you can take on The Bunker with your own Squad?

This Ex-Government Nuclear Bunker is set 125ft deep underground and has nearly 10ft thick solid concrete walls. Built to house over 600 people, and set over 3 floors it features offices, generator rooms, a radio station and an infirmary, all of which are still functioning.

A biohazard breach has shut down the facility, as part of a special military unit you are going to be sent in to find out exactly what happened.

Rendezvous with an Elite Covert Military unit, and Gear Up for the Take Down.

Booking the event as an exclusive group, your team will be the only team inside the bunker during the event. This means teamwork is even more important than ever as you run, shoot and fight your way through the bunker.

Gain access to the the huge underground facility, set over 3 floors you will need to retrieve data on the deadly experimental virus while you fight your way through the infected inside. We must find out what happened inside the facility and stop anything from leaving the base.

TIME – 2 HRS / PRICE – Starting at £1,000, based on 10 people / LOCATION – ESSEX

If you have any booking questions Contact Us Here

For custom dates we require a minimum payment of £1,000 which covers up to 10 people attending (if you have 8 people the minimum payment still applies) additional tickets after the 10 people are charged at £100 per head up to a maximum of 20 people.


8 People £1,000 (£125 per head)

10 People £1,000 (£100 per head)

14 People £1,400 (£100 per head)

If you have any further questions or enquiries about custom dates please Contact Us

We have a selection of Friday and Saturday dates throughout the year. If you do not see your Friday or Saturday date on the list please it may not be available, most Sunday dates are available. The start time on Friday and Saturday custom events is 4.30pm / 5.00pm. Sunday custom events can be any time between 5.30pm and 8.30pm.

Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you to discuss your custom event.

Custom Event Dates

Available Dates for Custom Events

Saturday 4th May 4.30pm Start BOOKED

Saturday 1st June 4.30pm Start BOOKED

Friday 28th June 4.30pm Start

Saturday 6th July 4.30pm Start

Saturday 27th July 4.30pm Start  BOOKED

Saturday 10th August 4.30pm Start

Saturday 7th September 4.30pm Start

Friday 13th September 4.30pm Start

Saturday 14th September 4.30pm Start

Friday 4th October 4.30pm Start

Saturday 5th October 4.30pm Start – Premium

Saturday 12 October 4.30pm Start – Premium

Friday 8th November 4.30pm Start

Saturday 23rd November 4.30pm Start

Friday 29th November 4.30pm Start

Saturday 7th December 4.30pm Start

Friday 13th December 4.30pm Start

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If you are looking for a particular date not listed please Contact Us and we can enquire with the location. Only available for custom / exclusive events for groups of 10+