Here you will find our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not answered please get in touch with us here

If you would like to call our office the number is 0330 2292101, our standard office hours are 9am-6pm Monday – Saturday. On event days our phone is diverted to a mobile but we may not always be able to answer.

Where is The Bunker and how do I get there?

Outpost 16 is hosted in a Secret Nuclear Bunker near Brentwood and Ongar in Essex. Being an Ex Government bunker it is tucked away out of sight. The postcode CM15 0LA (for sat-navs) should get you there, if in doubt call the mobile number or landline provided in your confirmation email. There will be brown tourist signs, when you get within a few miles, these will lead you in.

The venues are best reached by car, but transport services are available from local stations should you need them.

More details are available on request.

Is is £99 per person?

Tickets are £99 per person. Everything you need is included in the ticket price.

The event has a large production crew including professional actors, props and unique locations. The ticket price reflects the production value and the immersive experience you are attending.

What are the age restrictions?

We cannot usually allow anyone under the age of 14 onto standard events (This may be allowed on a custom booking). If you are over 14 but under 18 you will need a parent or guardian present on the experience with you. The experience does contains adult content including violence, horror scenes and colourful language. The weapons are dangerous if misused and must be treated with respect at all times.

How long is the event?

Your time slot is the total time we allow for you to be on site, it is not the total time for the experience. The experience itself can last anything between 100-120+ minutes depending on the size of the group.
We will not break character at any point (except in an emergency) and there will be no down time, or ‘rest’ areas. After the experience we can take photos of your group, and there will be time for you to take your own photos and meet some of our crew.

How do I fight the zombies?

You will be using specially designed air weapons. These fire a loud and powerful blast but are safer than BB/Airsoft guns and allow you to shoot the infected in the head.

The zombies will die by you shooting them! Remember zombies are people too and they don’t take kindly to being shot in the face. This particular type of infected have been known to spit blood if they are shot in the face. We may have some ‘special’ infected, but it should be clear on how to kill these.

Some of our events may still use Airsoft / BB guns. These fire small plastic projectiles. Full training will be given on how to handle and fire them. They are quite powerful, so safety glasses must be worn at all times.

Can I be killed?

The zombies will get very close to you, and possibly even grab you, but hopefully you will take them down before they can kill you. Your team mates should be there to have your back!

If you are caught by an infected, you will not be ‘out’ but you may be taken away by a soldier for a shot of the anti-virus. Highly experimental and only 5% effective- in rats. Just don’t get infected.

Can I book Exclusive / Private Events

Yes, we can book you an event just for your group to take part. Tickets are £100 per head.
For The Bunker we require a minimum of 10 people, or the payment for 10 people with additional tickets charged at £100 per head. These can be a date of your choosing (pending availability)

How many people can take part?

Each group will have around 16-22 people, but once inside you may split into smaller groups if you wish, or go it alone, if you’re brave enough..

If you would like a larger group for a party / stag etc please contact us and we can try to accommodate you!

Can I just turn up without booking?

No. You will need to pre book. People without a booking will be turned away. If you would like to check for spaces on the day, please send an email and we may be able to squeeze you in if we have any spaces. All you will need is your name and email address on the day.

I’m under 16, but I really want to come!

If you are 16+ no problem! If you are under 16 you will need a full paying adult to attend with you. We cannot allow anyone under the age of 14. The experience does contains adult content including violence, horror scenes and colourful language. The weapons are dangerous if misused and must be treated with respect at all times.

Do you take group bookings?

Yes – we can take group bookings up to a maximum of 25. There are group discount bookings available, please contact us at or here to enquire.
For an exclusive event (just your group in the bunker) you will need either to book 16 places or the payment for 16 places. Additional places over the 16 places are charged at a reduced rate.

Do you do Stag / Hen / Birthday parties?

Yes – Please get in contact for any specific requirements. We give the ‘Special Person’ extra treatment, taking them on an exclusive mission either on their own or with another member of the party. Please see the above regarding group bookings.

Can I store valuables there?

Any valuables are YOUR responsibility. We do not have lockers or anywhere to store your belongings. The car-park is public so any items left in the cars are done so at your own risk.

Are there any extra costs on the day?

All you need is yourself, and possibly a change of underwear (not sold in our shop)  If you would like to buy any t-shirts or merchandise this will be available.

Can I bring my own weapons?

NO! We have plenty of weapons. You can come in costume as long as it is sensible and related to the experience, but NO fake or REAL weapons that do not belong to us are permitted at any time. Also keep your fists to yourself, no punching or pushing our actors, this will be taken very seriously.

Do I need to be fit? Will I get hurt?

This event is moderately physical so a reasonable level of fitness would be advised. Any medical conditions must be disclosed on your disclaimer form and must be made aware to our team when booking, these will also be relayed to your group leader. The experience involves live action horror,  jumps, scares and gore. The event will be dark and unnerving and is not suitable for anyone with a nervous disposition.

Is there somewhere to get food & drink?

Water is available, but rations are running low. If you want to bring your own food and drink this will need to stay in your vehicle, it can be consumed while in your vehicle but we wouldn’t advise doing the event on a full stomach!

Can I film / take pictures?

The bunker is dark and there are a lot of obstacles to navigate, we do not want you staring into a camera and falling over. Many areas will be too dark to film anyway. If you would like your run filmed, we can offer this to you (please see below) please contact us beforehand to discuss your needs. When the event finishes you can take pictures and we will take an official picture for our social media and website.

Can I hire a camera?

We offer a Gun Camera service. The camera is a special HD Night Vision Camera which films in 720p HD wide angle. The camera will be attached to a shotgun which will be carried by one of your party. This will be fixed and set to record for the entire duration of the event. The gun can be shared amongst the group, but it will be your responsibility to capture the footage.
When the event is finished we will edit and upload your video within 28 days. It will be uploaded as a private Youtube video only viewable by you. We would ask you do not upload it or make it public as we do not want to ruin the event/story for other people.
Please visit our Gun Camera page for more information, or email us on

Do you offer Blue Light Discounts?

Yes we offer a 5% discount on standard bookings for anyone with a valid Blue Light discount. There are two codes, one for a single card holder and one where the whole party has cards.

This is only to be used for those eligible for the discount. If your party is mixed the discount will need to be applied on the order for the tickets eligible for the discount only. This may mean placing two separate orders.

BLUE5SINGLE – £4.50 discount

This is when you are the only member in the party booking with a blue light card

BLUE5PARTY – £5% discount

This is when the entire party has valid blue light cards.

We may ask to see proof if this code is used on a booking.

I want to bring my friends / mum / granny, but they don’t want to do the experience?

We do not have the space for everyone to bring friends to wait for them during the experience. If parents need to wait for children this will be allowed, but you will need to let us know in advance. There is a nice pub just a couple of miles away should you have anyone needing to wait for you.

Cancellation / It is too scary, I need to sit out!

If you need to cancel your booking please let us know by sending us an email at We do not offer refunds on cancellations.

If you decide the event is too scary and you need to leave, we cannot offer a refund. We will take this as an up-most compliment, and we will offer you a place to sit out, wait for your fellow survivors and have a cup of tea.

I think one of my party may be Infected. What are the symptoms of Infection?

If anyone is coughing, sneezing, has headaches or nausea they may be infected. Please keep a close watch on them, and report to the C.I.D.C as soon as you arrive.

I have so many questions you didn’t answer!? And you call this an FAQ?!

If there is anything else you would like to know please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will get back to you ASAP.