Today was my 2nd experience and oh my f***ing god!
Incredible team, incredible actors and all round amazing experience!
The one and only thing I didnt like about both times was it had to end.
I was sweating like a pig, heart was pounding in my chest my hands were shaking and im pretty sure I’ve ruined my pants but I would of happily carried on all night or even joined the next party after ours!
Thankyou so much to the entire team for making what I thought would be my favourite experience even better then I could.of expected!
I’ll be seeing you soon for round 3!!

Curt P 20/05/2023

What an amazing experience! Immersive. Engaging. Like an action movie come to life. The staff were phenomenal, and special shout out to the Screamer who noticed me silently standing in the corner of a stairway trying to be clever and…well…try it for yourself.
The props are awesome, the story is great, and the finale? Truly a night out you will never forget

Sean M 08/05/2023

So much to compliment, where do I begin?

The event staff were amazing. They didn’t throw you straight into the roleplay which for the more nervous of our party was really appreciated. The immersion really started once you were in the building after briefing and use of the facilities. I agree with one of the previous reviews, lean into the roleplay side of things as it really adds to the experience especially with a group of good friends. The environment and the bunker itself was so creepy and atmospheric but so cool. You really can’t see much in there but it adds to the feel. For anyone who is nervous but are pretty sure they’ll have a good time: Once you’re in and get a flavour of what to expect and how the guns handle you’ll love it from there onwards. The weapons were easy to use air guns which meant we only had to worry about general safety between each other and the actors as opposed to taking firearms training and wearing a bunch of safety gear. The objectives were straightforward and clear with room for our teams of two to split up into various areas due to how big the bunker is.

I got to live out my Last of Us dreams against one of the zombies in a stealth scenario and would love to come back and do it all again. Thanks for having us!

George B 20/09/2022

Thank you so much for an excellent experience on Friday night. I came with some friends for my stag do (it was a surprise) and had a fantastic time. Your team is extremely professional and without wishing to give anything away here, I will just say that you put on a fantastic show and had us all really excited and buzzing for the rest of the evening. This experience is wholeheartedly recommended if you are looking at this page and hesitating whether or not to do it!

Alastair Pilgrim 14/03/2019

Had an awesome time fighting off the zombie hordes! Great event guys. I’ll be recommending you guys to everyone. I know what I’ll be doing for my Stag-Do in the future

Daniel Knight 14/03/2019

Thanks guys for an absolutely amazing event Friday…certainly nothing like i’ve ever experienced!

Simon Hughes 14/03/2017

Had an amazing time tonight clearing out the infected. Thanks very much to all involved! Some brilliantly creepy noises and screams too

Frazer Bernard 14/03/2017

Unbelievably scary and the whole event was brilliantly well run from start to finish.

Adam Smale 14/03/2017

    positive review  went for a mates Bday great fun, thankyou to all the organisers

    Curtis Campbell Avatar Curtis Campbell

    positive review  Amazing location, super intense and most importantly really really good fun. Would definitely do it again

    Matthew Wilkinson Avatar Matthew Wilkinson

    positive review  What a great christmas present. A completely unique experience, great fun and lets just say you definately feel the adrenaline pumping. Loved it and would highly recommend. Big thanks to the guys involved in creating such an amazing atmosphere...take a bow!

    Kim Ellen Randall Avatar Kim Ellen Randall

    positive review  Was gifted a voucher for The Bunker on my Birthday, and was one of the best gifts I've ever had. Thrilling, immersive experience, with every detail very well thought out.

    Oliver Sawyer Avatar Oliver Sawyer

    positive review  Hair raising, heart thumping, adrenaline driving thrill! Recommend highly! Not for the faint hearted. Very nervous on the days running up to our last survivor experience however myself and my partner had a brilliant time! Can’t wait To go again

    Maddie Smith Avatar Maddie Smith

    positive review  Just got home from the nuclear bunker... Absolutely incredible. Scary and fun. The different types of zombies have you thinking and trying to be tactical! Am definitely going to be coming again.

    Anna Winter Avatar Anna Winter

    positive review  Amazingly fun and surprisingly terrifying!

    Joe Unwin Avatar Joe Unwin

    positive review  Great experience. Very professionally presented. you can't help but get into the scenarios. Really good fun. recommended.

    Andy Clark Avatar Andy Clark

    positive review  Was really good fun. Gave us the chance to play our dreams of frustrated soldiers

    Ian Jenkins Avatar Ian Jenkins

    positive review  The labs! Amazing, brilliant, different! Ive been to the bunker a few times but this was another level. The storyline was really good and the acting that backed it up was excellent. It was a lot more structured then the bunker and a lot more acting involved. Well done to all the staff involved. Genuinely had to keep reminding myself that the zombies were real people.

    Donna Barrett Avatar Donna Barrett

    positive review  Superb, well planned and played out, would definitely recommend and want to do it again the staff made it a great experience

    Steve Osborne Avatar Steve Osborne

    positive review  Fantastic experience, truly terrifying and exciting. The staff are outstanding and props and venue is perfect. Really looking forward to the next one.

    Ser Ashcroft Avatar Ser Ashcroft

    positive review  The Secret Nuclear Bunker, The Last Survivors - Brentwood...... OMG the setting was brilliant, scary, nearly pitch black.... Proper guns (with air canisters not bullets for obvious non murdery reasons), amazingly realistic ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ coming at you from the dark... shouty army types giving orders led to genuine fear and panic in people!!! The wheelchair ?‍♂️ had everyone running around in circles desperate to get away ? This is so brilliant and I'd recommend it to everyone as we had a blast.... and survived ? ?

    Fiona Brand-Logue Avatar Fiona Brand-Logue

    positive review  team breast milk survived! what a fantastic night this was. Great setting and story. Well done to everyone for making it a fantastic night. Our team will be having a go at the labs for sure!

    Tony Munford Avatar Tony Munford

    positive review  Terrifying, entertaining and very well organised. Like being a part of your favourite zombie movie. Would highly reccomend! Thanks guys!

    Bobby Duchamp Avatar Bobby Duchamp

    positive review  Absolutely amazing! So realistic, must always keep eyes and ears open. Would recommend to anyone who wants real life experience shooting the infected.

    Adam Reed Avatar Adam Reed

    positive review  I thought it would be a pice of cake but boy was i wrong ,from the start to the finish its go go go (loud screams from the men lol) if you like being scared and adrenaline pumping this is for you if she don't like being scared than stay well well away

    Terry Brown Avatar Terry Brown

    positive review  absolute fantastic evening.would certinetly do again

    Peter Mills Avatar Peter Mills

    positive review  Just home from doing this, all I’ll say is do it, if you don’t you’ll regret it!

    Jamie Dumbleton Avatar Jamie Dumbleton

    positive review  Great event, well organised, I plan on going again. No spoilers in this review ?

    Stuart Gibbinson Avatar Stuart Gibbinson

    positive review  It was intense, immersive - and insane! Fun and scary in equal measure. No spoilers here but I was genuinely terrified when separated briefly from the rest of the group, cornered in a side room with no 'ammo' left, trying desperately to cover the torch light - and with a particularly nasty zombie just outside! The zombies played their part to perfection! Will come back again - next time more zombies please - those poor buggers had to work so hard! ?‍♂️ #5stars #brains #groovy #thisismyboomstick!

    Jim Simmons Avatar Jim Simmons

    positive review  It was a really good night. The zombies were very professional. The staff were very good. It was very entertaining. Could have done with a few more zombies but I would love to do it again

    Jordan Samuels Avatar Jordan Samuels

    positive review  build up and atmosphere had me scared before i got in there. recommended for every zombie fan.

    Andrea Cooper Avatar Andrea Cooper

    positive review  Amazing felt so real especially without a flashlight or ammo

    Thomas Irwin Avatar Thomas Irwin

    positive review  Was so scared before and this didn’t disappoint. We all really got into it and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The actors were brilliant and the venue delivers as real life adrenaline pumping action as it could . If you love walking dead or the zombie genre this is a must . Will definitely be doing it again !

    Jaimie Lou Avatar Jaimie Lou

    positive review  well worth doing great nite out happily do it again

    Derrick Thurston Benghiu Avatar Derrick Thurston Benghiu

    positive review  Fantastic, highly recommended it, the people running it really get into character and it was great fun with plenty of scary moments as well

    Justin Reay Avatar Justin Reay

    positive review  Had an awesome time would definetly go again

    Buster Keefe Avatar Buster Keefe

    positive review  That was wicked. Definitely doing that again

    Dodge Raymond Avatar Dodge Raymond

    positive review  Absolutely brilliant! If you love Walking Dead ? or 28 Days Later this is a must! Actors are brilliant and the atmosphere is on point. I was shaking like a leaf but the adrenaline kicked in and I turned into Rambo! ?‍♀️??‍♀️

    Samantha Kimberley Wood Avatar Samantha Kimberley Wood

    Just home from this activity. What a great job these guys do. Perfect setting, awesome atmosphere, the actors/zombies were brilliant. May seem expensive at first glance, but worth every penny. Highly recommended. Thank you.

    Patrick Wilkinson Avatar Patrick Wilkinson

    positive review  Great experience, great fun

    Richard Knight Avatar Richard Knight

    Amazing from start to finish! Well worth it, looking forward to coming again

    Chris Elkins Avatar Chris Elkins

    Great night loved it

    Alan Eden Avatar Alan Eden

    Awesome fun �

    Nick Mawer Avatar Nick Mawer

    It was great, fully immersive, lots of action, and full of twists. 100 would recommend. Even if you're super scared like I am, it was so fun.

    Ashton Lebowitz Avatar Ashton Lebowitz

    Seriously one of the best experiences i have ever had. My friends and i had such a good time. It was immersive, action packed and completely thrilling. A definite must for anybody really, such a good experience and they will be seeing me again! 🙂

    Luke Ghamloush Avatar Luke Ghamloush

    Absolutely brilliant experience with genuine poo-your-pants excitement. Top acting from zombies and staff. Will be recommending to everyone I know...:)

    Rob 'Pudding Stirrer' Williams Avatar Rob 'Pudding Stirrer' Williams

    Came for my brother in laws stag tonight. Absolutely awesome definitely worth a revisit. Great storyline and all actors. �

    Matt Winch Avatar Matt Winch

    Great fun. We had no idea what to expect but it was well done, great location and some proper scary bits. Would recommend.