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The Bunker: Saturday June 01/06/00


This Ex-Government Nuclear Bunker is set 125ft deep underground and has nearly 10ft thick solid concrete walls. Built to house over 600 people, and set over 3 floors it features offices, generator rooms, a radio station and an infirmary, all of which are still functioning.

Designated as a BLACKSITE the base has been quarantined after a Level 4 Contagion breached containment. The security teams evacuated who they could, sealed the doors and the base was remotely shut down. Aiding a privately contracted military team, your help infiltrating the base will be crucial in exposing the experimentation and bio-weapon research happening in the facility.

Fast paced combat with the infected lies around every corner of this vast underground facility. You will need to work as a team and have your wits about you whilst you fight your way through the bunker gathering the classified information.

An unknown horror awaits you inside the facility, have you got what it takes to get out alive?