The Last Survivors: Uncover The Truth – Online Experience

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Can you Uncover The Truth? From the creative team behind The Last Survivors comes our first online experience. Set before the events of the NEW STORY (Coming winter 2021) You will help an agent from the I.R.F (an agency dedicated to bringing down corrupt private companies) explore the underground bunker and testing facility of the C.I.D.C.

The immersive experience will have you solving puzzles and communicating with the agent through audio and video footage through an online interface. The experience should take around an hour to complete. The entire event is set inside a real Government Nuclear Bunker with everything shot on location.

You will need to use a laptop for the best experience. This can be played with Zoom Screen Share.

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Additional Information


What is this?

This is a browser based online experience and a prequel to the NEW live event we are running in 2020/2021 (world events depending!)

Can this be played as a group?

The experience is designed to be played on 1 laptop for 1-2 people. This can be played via Zoom Screen Share.

Can I play this with my friends?

You cannot all play the same game at the same time, as the experience is built within a website and linked to the purchasers email, although the main purchaser can run Zoom Screen Share.

Can I play it again?

Yes you can play it again.

Can I share it with my friends?

Each purchase has a unique code which will only work with the purchasers email address.

Is there a time limit?

There is no time limit, and you can return to the experience if you want to continue another day (although you will need to log back into the website to gain access) Please take a note of the URL you are on or you may have to start again.

When was this made?

We have been working on this since 2019, and it was put together early 2020. A lot of footage was shot pre pandemic with any current pandemic work done remotely or by people working on their own.